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End of Year Parent Meeting – Please join us in our year end review of PCLS finances, accomplishments, and staff changes for next year. This will be held at 3PM this Read more

2015-2016 Dictionary Usage Contest Winners

2015-2016 Dictionary Usage Contest Winners
第一組 Group 1: Traditional Grade 3, 4
1st Place: 張傑華 Joshua Chang
2nd Place: 胡佳莉 Jasmine Woo
3rd Place: 費智青 Brianna Fea
Honorable Mentions: 廖聿馨 Jaimie Liao
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Dear Parents/Guardians,Can’t believe it is December already!! Hope everyone had a good weekend off. Please see below for this week’s announcement.
Messages from Academic Director:
  • PCLS SPEECH CONTEST PART II – For the Speech Contest on 12/6 we have many participants
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The Princeton Chinese Language School, Inc. (PCLS) is a nonprofit institution whose primary mission is to provide a structured and nurturing environment for learning Chinese language and culture. Students from all backgrounds and ages are welcome. Established in 1970, at its inception, the school was affiliated with Princeton University’s Chinese Club, where classes were held on the campus. There were five teachers and twenty students at that time. Today, our chinese school in Princeton, NJ has over 220 students, 31 language teachers, and 17 culture instructors.

Traditional Chinese

For children who speak Chinese regularly at home, we offer pre-K through 10th grade. This is recommended for children of parents who are native speakers. These classes are taught in Chinese and emphasize reading and writing.  We teach using traditional characters. Class size is up to 15 children per class.  Learn more about Traditional Chinese classes.

Chinese as Second Language (CSL)

For children who do not speak Chinese regularly at home, we offer CSL 1- CSL 9 levels.  This is recommended for children of Chinese-American parents or any child who would like to learn Chinese.  Each class size is about 10 children per class.  CSL emphasizes conversation in the beginning, gradually adding reading and writing over time.  Learn more about Chinese as Second Language (CSL).

Culture Classes

Arts and crafts, dance, and martial arts are just a few of the cultural activities offered to children. See all the Culture classes.

Adult Conversation

We offer two Adult Conversation classes.

For Parents

Parents can basketball, volleyball, and do flower arrangements during language period. See more for parents.

Sunday afternoons at Princeton Day School

We are located at Princeton Day School in Princeton, NJ every Sunday afternoon from 2:30pm to 5:00pm during the school year.  We would like to thank PDS for allowing us to use their world-class facilities.  It’s a wonderful location for the families of PCLS.

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