PCLS Newsletter 4/23 Open House

Dear Parents/Guardians:

Hope everyone had a relaxing and fun Spring Break!

Please be aware that the cafeteria will be closed to us this Sunday.

Please note our upcoming events:

* Culture Open House this Sunday!  Students, accompanied with a parent, can go to another culture class to learn more about it and make a decision for their culture class for 2017-2018.  Please see attached list of culture classes and their locations.
* Next Sunday, April 30th, we will have a Parent Meeting Presentation by the staff.  Please join us at 3 PM in the cafeteria!
* Registration will also begin April 30th.  We are planning to send a unique email to each family so that they can register online and then submit their check in person on April 30th.  Culture class and PTA duties are still filled in order of registration.  More details to come on this year’s registration process.
* PCLS will again be offering the Summer Camp week of August 21-25 at YingHua.  We have 2 teachers from Taiwan come teach Chinese yoyo, folk dance, and arts and crafts.  Please email summer@pcls.org and use the attached link for more information:   http://www.pcls.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/03/2017-PCLS-Summer-Camp-Forms.pdf

One culture class that may not be offered next year is Abacus, as we do not have a teacher that can teach it next year.  If anyone is experienced with abacus teaching, please contact the Culture Director, Jennifer at Jennifer@pcls.org.

We will have a new Pop dance class for students of age 11 and above.  This class will combine cardio, Latin movements and Hip Hop.  The teacher picks very popular music that the students will love.  It will be a wonderful way to exercise and experience the versatile style of dance.  The instructor, Lily, has been teaching adult Zumba classes in PCLS for 3 years and has gotten very positive feedback from our parents.

TA applications are open this week, PCLS students and alumni who will be in tenth grade and above are encouraged to apply. Application forms are available at the academic table and are also accessible on the school’s website through this link: http://www.pcls.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/04/TA-Application-Form.pdf

Food Vendors this week:

* 2:00 Taiwan Snack and Lunch boxes (台灣小吃)

* 2:00 Stella’s Bubble tea Only

See you on Sunday!

Anne Woo 羅安妮

Princeton Chinese Language School, Principal
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