PCLS Newsletter 5/7 Registration Continues

Dear Parents/Guardians:
Registration is still open.  Several culture classes are getting filled.  Please remember to bring in your check with the confirmation page to a staff member this Sunday, 5/14 or 6/4 to complete your registration.  We hope everyone finds this new registration easier and quicker!
Thank you to those of you that came to the Parent Presentation and Panel.  We hope you found them useful!  As mentioned, this is the link to our Amazon smile account that you can click when you buy from Amazon and a portion will be returned to PCLS: http://smile.amazon.com/ch/22-3357519
Academic Director Notes:

Please note our upcoming events:

  • May 14 – Recognition Ceremony 1:30 PM at McAneny Theater (large auditorium) for Dictionary and Essay Contest winners.
  • May 21 – Fun Day at Mercer County Park, East Picnic Area, 1346 Edinburg Rd, Princeton Jct, NJ from 12:30-4 PM.  Please join us for food and games.  Each student, teacher, TA, and any parent that donates a food item will receive 4 tickets.  Please use this Sign-up Genius to bring in something to help out: http://www.signupgenius.com/go/4090445a5a828a75-20151
  • May 28 – Memorial Day school will be closed
  • June 4 – Graduation, coupon day instead of culture classes, and last day of school.  We will have an Appreciation dinner to thank our teachers and celebrate our graduating students at Ya Ya Noodles.  Dinner will be $18 for Adults and $12 for Children ages 11 and under, which will include drinks, tax, and tips.  Teachers, TAs, and graduating students do not need to sign up for themselves since you are receiving tickets directly.  If you are bringing any family members and all others that would like to join us, please use this Sign-up Genius link: www.SignUpGenius.com/go/4090445A5A828A75-pcls
  • PCLS will again be offering the Summer Camp week of August 21-25 at YingHua.  We have 2 teachers from Taiwan come teach Chinese yoyo, folk dance, and arts and crafts.  Please email summer@pcls.org and use this link for more information:   http://www.pcls.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/03/2017-PCLS-Summer-Camp-Forms.pdf
Food Vendors this week:

* 2:00-3:30 HsiuLing Taiwanese Kitchen (秀玲台灣小吃 ) — If you need anything from her, remember to stop by earlier.

* 2:00 PoHaiTzu frozen dumplings (渤海村)

2:00 Stella’s Bubble tea, Zongzi, Mochi (珍珠奶茶、粽子、麻糬)

* 2:00 Jewelry Vendor
Mother’s Day is around the corner! The jewelry sold by the jewelry vendor is similar to the look of Tiffany or Gucci, and in quality to Ann Taylor or Banana Republic.  This is a good opportunity to buy great costume jewelry for Mother’s Day and support our school at the same time.

See you on Sunday!
Anne Woo 羅安妮
Princeton Chinese Language School, Principal
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