Winner list for Essay Contest

2016-17 作文比賽 Essay Contest Winners

第一組 Traditional Grade 1 and 2

1st Place: 吳奕臻 Audrey Wu

2nd Place: 陳傳祐 Charles Chen


第二組 Traditional Grade 3 and 4

1st Place: 王以琳 Claire Wang

2nd Place: 孫悅安 Angela Sun

3rd Place: 楊苏 Sun Yang

Honorable Mentions: 胡佳豪 Parker Woo


第三組 Traditional Grade 5 and 6

1st Place: 楊宸 Chern Yang

2nd Place: 廖霈恩 Emma Liao

3rd Place: 胡佳莉 Jasmine Woo


第四組 Traditional Grade 7, 8, 9, and 10

1st Place: 梁樂勤 Steven Leung


第五組 CSL4, 5, 6&7, 8&9

1st Place: Ananya Sathish


Nan Yu, 余南
Academic Director
Princeton Chinese Language School

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