Staff and Parent Duty Schedule and Instructions 幹事及家長值日表和須知

Staff/Parent Duty Schedule

For the 2016-2017 school year, we are going to use the online service to sign up and track parent duty for classes and special events.

If you signed up for an event, you will receive an email reminder one week ahead of time.

(1) On-duty staff/parents need to arrive at PDS at no later than 2:00 PM.
(2) Parent Duty refund check will be issued at the end of each semester.
(3) Please arrange substitute or replacement. If you cannot perform your duty,
e-mail for any changes.
(4) The updated duty schedule will be posted on the PCLS website.
It is your responsibility to check your schedule.

PCLS Parent Duty Instructions

  1. Sign in at 2:00 PM. Wear on-duty arm-badge.
  2. Pick up and read parent duty instructions.
  3. Ring bells between classes at 2:30, 3:20, 3:25 and 4:15 on the normal school day, otherwise consult the on-duty staff.
  4. Help with food sales, including purchases for teachers, on the weeks where there are food sales.
  5. Patrol hallways between classes to assure that students are orderly and not touching PDS property.
  6. Check the dancing room downstairs before 4:00 p.m. to make sure the door is unlocked.
  7. At 4:20 please go to the Chinese Yo-Yo class, and help the yo-yo teacher supervise the students.
  8. At 4:55, walk through hallways and cafeteria to collect any improperly disposed trash.
  9. Help the principal and staff as needed to copy or escort new students to class, etc.

普林斯頓中文學校 值日家長須知

  1. 二點簽到。請配戴值日肩章以便識別。
  2. 領取並詳讀值日家長須知。
  3. 於平常上下課時間,即2:30, 3:20, 3:25, 4:15 時,搖上下課鈴。若遇有非平常的補課情形,請洽詢值日行政人員新的上下課時間。
  4. 幫忙看管超市禮券及渤海村的訂單。於渤海村購貨日,也請幫忙看管老師們訂購但尚未取走的食物。
  5. 下課時間,巡視走廊以確定學生都維持適當秩序,絕對不可破壞 PDS 學校物品。
  6. 請在四點以前到樓下跳舞教室查看並確定門鎖已開
  7. 四點二十分文化課,請到扯鈴教室幫忙老師維持秩序。
  8. 在四點五十五分左右,巡查教室、走廊、餐廳一週,將剩餘的垃圾、空瓶罐等丟入垃圾桶。確定所有電燈電扇都已關閉。
  9. 有需要時,請幫忙校長或行政人員影印文件,或送新學生到教室,或協助其他事項。